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A few days ago we published a post discussing some extensions for Google Chrome. However, many Internet users still use Mozilla Firefox as their primary Internet browser, excluding all other browsers. Honestly, Mozilla Firefox is not better than any other Chromium browser at the moment, but it is no less in terms of features and speed.

I don’t know if there are many better internet browsers than Firefox in terms of privacy and security.¬†Moreover, the user interface of Firefox is much more modern than most other web browsers.¬†And because it is open source, the number of add-ons available in the Firefox Store is no less than in the Chrome Web Store.¬†Plus, I find the Firefox Store plugins to be more stable and more quality than the Chrome Webstore extensions.¬†However, by looking at the title, you know what I am going to discuss today.¬†Then let’s start without further ado!


Image Search Options

There is probably no such extension in the Chrome Webstore.¬†This extension basically saves a lot of time when searching for Google images.¬†Image Search, this plugin will be very useful when searching for reverse images.¬†Many times we need to do a reverse search by uploading many images found on the internet to Google.¬†For example, to get more information about the image, or to get a high quality copy of the image and many more reasons.¬†Even if the desired result is not always found by searching the reverse image, it takes a long time to search the image.¬†It takes a long time to download the image first, then go to Google’s image search page, upload the downloaded image and then search.


However, if this plugin is installed, you can get the option to directly reverse search the image in the context menu by right-clicking on any image on any page you visit.¬†Clicking on this option will automatically upload the image to Google’s Image Search page and show you the search results.¬†As a result, you don’t even have to download the image and go to Google’s image search page manually.¬†And not just Google, you can also do reverse search in a few more search engines if you want from the context menu.¬†Basically, if you use this plugin, you can do a reverse image search in a few seconds.


Dark Reader

This extension is also available for Google Chrome. Using this plugin you can use Dark Mode on any website. Currently, most popular websites have added Native Dark Mode functionality. However, some of the most popular websites do not yet have Dark Mode. For example, the Google search website does not have Dark Mode yet. However, if you use this plugin, you can also paint the websites that do not have dark mode in dark color.


Not only can you do black color, if you find the user interface of the website too bright when you visit any website at night, you can just reduce the brightness of that website without reducing the brightness of the whole device if you want. Not only brightness, you can also control the contrast and sepia effect as you wish with the help of slider. Again, if you want, you can browse any website in full monochrome (black and white) mode. If you are a fan of Dark Mode, you must try this plugin.


Facebook Container

This is a privacy plugin developed by Mozilla Corporation. This plugin is Firefox Exclusive. This means that you will not be able to use this plugin in any other browser. As we all know, Facebook has a long-standing reputation for collecting user data and targeting users. But if you browse Facebook in Firefox browser with this plugin installed, Facebook will not be able to track you on other websites and will not be able to show ads targeting you by tracking your activity on other websites.


If this plugin is installed, all your Facebook activities will be kept in a separate isolated container. Being isolated, your Facebook activity will not be able to track any other website and Facebook will not be able to see any other activity in your browser using cookies. And this plugin will work not only on Facebook, but on all other websites under Facebook. Such as- Facebook Messenger and Instagram. If you use this plugin, you do not have to see the ads on Facebook, just that Facebook will not be able to show ads targeting you. You must use this plugin if you are a privacy minded person.



We often use Wikipedia to gather a lot of information on a topic. Even with a very outdated design, you often need to visit Wikipedia to find out a lot of information. Basically Wikipedia is most needed when creating a presentation. However, if you want, you can customize the Wikipedia website in the current modern design language using this Firefox plugin.


After installing this plugin, if you visit any Wikipedia page from Google search results, you will see that the entire page has been redesigned and it has been made much easier to navigate to each heading section of the information page. Also the design is very nice but you can do some more customization if you want. For example- using light / dark theme, changing font style, making font size small and big etc. If you frequently visit Wikipedia, you can install this extension. This will make your Wikipedia reading experience better.



The name may give you an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčwhat kind of plugin it might be.¬†Using this plugin, you can set different types of custom mouse gestures in the Firefox browser so that you can interact more easily with your browser tabs.¬†Closing active tabs, reloading tabs, scrolling directly to the footer of the page, page forwarding, page backing, etc. have built-in gestures for almost all types of general browsing behavior.


You can use these gestures by right-clicking the mouse. That is, you can draw gestures by right-clicking and holding the mouse. Not only that, you can customize the built-in gestures as you wish and you can also create new gestures as you wish. If your desktop screen is too large and you have trouble navigating with the mouse on different sides of the screen, you can easily do this using these gestures.



Thanks. Hope you guys enjoyed. Keep eyes on our website.