Last Updated on May 1, 2022 by Hamid Islam


Currently web browsers are the biggest part of our internet life.¬†We spend most of our time on the Internet in one of the web browsers.¬†And the most popular web browser so far is Google Chrome.¬†Its popularity is largely due to its tight integration with Google’s services and its largest extension store.¬†However, there are not many browser extensions in Google’s Hughes Extensions Store that are really useful.

Today we are going to talk about 5 Chrome extensions that will help make your internet workflow and browsing experience a little more productive.¬†I have omitted the most popular extensions like Lastpass, Adguard, Grammarly.¬†I’m talking about some good Chrome extensions that many people may not know about.¬†And yes, all of these extensions will support any browser (Brave, Opera, Microsoft Edge) in the Chromium engine, not just Chrome.¬†And let’s come straight to the topic without introduction.


The Great Suspender

There are many of you who keep opening one Chrome tab after another while browsing the internet or doing any work but don’t forget to close a single tab until you turn off the desktop.¬†Although it seems that you actually need one or two tabs, but you have opened 10 browser tabs in a row that you do not need.¬†And Google Chrome is already notorious for using more RAM.¬†So if you keep 10-12 such tabs open, almost all of your RAM will use Google Chrome alone.¬†This will make your desktop performance worse.¬†However, if you use this extension, you do not have to worry about it anymore.


This extension will disable the tabs you are actually using, except for the rest of the tabs you have opened so that they can no longer use any memory. As a result, Chrome will use much less RAM. But yes, if you use this extension you will not get any updates or notifications from other tabs, since they have been disabled. If you open other tabs manually, you will need to refresh the tab and then see any updates. If you have no problem with this, and if you have a habit of keeping many tabs open, then this extension is perfect for you. You will also find many more options in the settings of this extension that you can customize to your liking.


Typio Form Recovery

It has happened to all of us at some point in life that we are filling up a useful form on a website. After filling up the form well after a long time, when I submitted, the browser tab was refreshed due to some problem or some random error or for some reason I needed to press the back button in the browser. Then I came back to the form page and found that nothing we had typed in the form for so long has been saved in the form. Then you have to fill up the form anew from the beginning. If the form is too large, the problem becomes very frustrating.


However, if you use this Chrome extension, you will never have to face any such problem again. If this extension is installed, your typed form will be saved in your browser even after refreshing the data page. If for some reason you refresh before submitting after completing the form, you will see a clock icon next to the form after refresh, click on this clock icon to see the text you typed before and fill up your previously input text again with one click. You can. This extension is also highly customizable. You can customize the extension to your liking from the extension settings.


Web Of Trust

This is a security extension.¬†There are many more security extensions in the Chrome Webstore.¬†The others aren’t useless either, but to me it seemed better.¬†This extension will show you a tag about each website you visit, considering whether the website is safe, whether there is any malware on the website, whether there have ever been any complaints against the website, and whether there is a scam history before the website.¬†A green tag means the website is safe and a red tag means the website is not safe, it is very simple.


This extension is most useful when searching on Google. If you search anything on Google, you will see a donut shaped tag next to the search results. If the tag is green, it is safe to visit the website. And if it is red, then you should not visit the website. As a result, before visiting any website, you can know from Google search results whether it is safe for you to visit the website. Also, if you ever visit an unsafe website, the extension will tell you at the beginning with a popup that this website is not safe.


Custom Cursor

It’s a chrome extension that’s pretty funny and it’s quite popular. You can tell by the name what it does. This extension allows you to change the style of your mouse cursor while in the Chrome browser. You can use arrow, pencil and even various cartoon characters starting from paperplane style as cursor. You can see how many types of cursor packs are already in this extension in the screenshot below.


You can also download more mouse cursor styles from the library on the official website of this extension if you need more cursor packs.¬†Again, if you want, you can do so that some of your favorite cursors will change automatically from time to time.¬†So it’s a pretty fun extension for customization freaks.


Select To Translate

As you can see from the name, it is a translation tool. But there are many more extensions in the Chrome Web Store to translate. Google even has an extension of its own. But other extensions didn’t seem so easy to me compared to it. And the official extension of Google Translate is very outdated and its user interface is very boring. And this Select To Translate extension has no user interface. It just serves as a shortcut to the official website of Google Translate. All you have to do is set the native language after installing the extension.


Then if you select any word or any sentence then open the context menu by right clicking on the mouse, then you will get the option to translate the selected text.¬†Clicking there will open a new tab directly and take you to the Google Translate website and show the Bengali translation of your selected text.¬†You can imagine for yourself how much time would have been wasted if this whole task had been done manually.¬†So for those who need translation often, I think it’s a must-have extension.