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If you are new to the world of web design and web development, that is, if you are a beginner HTML, CSS developer, then today’s post is for you.¬†And if you’re already an expert web developer, I don’t think you need to read any more, maybe you already know about these websites.¬†However, today I am going to discuss a few websites that can easily solve many problems related to the design of beginner web developers.



If you are new to the world of web development, you have certainly faced some design related problems and have fallen into depression due to not being able to solve them easily.¬†But as I said before, these websites can make your job a little easier and pain-less in terms of web development and design.¬†However, this does not mean that they can magically provide the perfect solution to all your problems.¬†However, let’s talk about websites without further ado.


HTML Color Codes

We all know that color selection is one of the most important aspects of any website. Many times just using different color accents and color combinations makes many websites look much more interesting. So one of the qualities of any web designer and web developer who knows how to choose color. Whatever you say, and no matter how easy it sounds, choosing a color when designing or developing a website is extremely difficult and confusing. However, this task is a little easier or you can say, this free website called HTML Color Codes has been created to make it a little less confusing.


On this website you can pick the color of your choice in a nice color palette with a very nice and clean user interface and copy the hex code of the picked color, RGB code everything with one click to paste in your code editor.¬†Not only can you experiment by picking different custom colors, here you can also pick all the colors in a few popular design languages ‚Äč‚Äčfrom the different charts in their library.¬†Such as- material design color chart, flat design color chart etc.¬†If you are confused about color choice, you must visit this website before embarking on any project.

Visit HTMLColorCodes


You may have seen on many websites that a kind of wave separator is used in different places in the middle of their page, which looks very nice and makes the user interface and navigation of the website much more interesting. While it may look pretty and simple to look at, you will realize how complex it is (if you are a beginner or intermediate) when you go from scratch to create your own wave design. This website is basically to make this wave as easy as water.


By visiting this website, you will be able to create small and large wave designs of various custom designs for your use on your developed website. You can customize everything from wave color to size, orientation, to your liking. If it is too much to generate a wave design using this website, it will take you 2 minutes. And the wave will be provided to you directly with the help of SVG Code, which you can paste directly into your code editor . This means that since it is 100% responsive and vector graphics, you can easily use it on any website.

Visit Getwaves


This website is also created by the developers of Getwaves.¬†You can generate blobs using this website.¬†What is a blob?¬†I don’t know either.¬†As far as I’ve seen, using this website you can create some beautiful multi-angle circle or rounded polygon shape designs.¬†I don’t know why they call these shapes “blobs”.¬†It is not possible to explain the designs in writing.¬†However, if these designs were to be made from scratch in general, you would have a lot of trouble with CSS clip-path.¬†However, you can randomly generate these shapes with one click on this website.


How many angles of shape, what color should be, you can customize everything as you wish. These shapes will also be provided with SVG code, so you can use them anywhere. But I think these shapes look great as a background image for any large text or notice. But you can use it anywhere you want.

Visit Blobmaker

CSS Tricks

CSS is a very important aspect in web development.¬†Moreover, CS is such a big web technology that it is not possible for anyone to learn 100% of everything.¬†That’s why this free website called CSS Tricks has been created for various CSS related tricks and tutorials where you will find detailed posts every day about different designing elements of CSS and how to make your CSS skills a little better.


I can say for sure, if you are a beginner or even an intermediate web developer, you will learn many CSS tricks and CSS properties that you never knew before by visiting this website every day. Also, all the posts on this website are extremely beginner friendly. Only by knowing good English will you be able to understand all the posts and apply them to your work. I think CSS Tricks is a must-visit website for any web developer.

Visit CSS-Tricks


This is a web components library. If you are a beginner web developer, you may not know what web components are and how they work. No need to go too deep, all you need to know is that on this website you will find many custom elements for your project, which you can easily implement on your website, much like Bootstrap or Foundation. There are many custom elements that are extremely difficult and troublesome even for beginners and intermediate web developers made from scratch. Such as- Animated Button, Star Rating Element, Range Slider, Animated Modal, Toggle Switch etc. This website will provide you with all those pre-designed custom elements.


You will be given not only the elements, but also the initial JavaScript code to interact with the elements programmatically.¬†As a result, you don’t have to worry about developing any of these custom UI elements from scratch.¬†You do not need to write any code for the functionality of these elements except your own custom JavaScript code.¬†This will make your development workflow much faster.¬†You can also customize each element of Shoelace to your liking using your own CSS codes.

Visit Shoelace

Here are 5 best free websites that can be very helpful for you as a beginner web developer and can greatly increase your productivity and work ethic. There are many more websites that I will discuss in another post in the future. I am ending here like today. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know in the comments section.