Last Updated on June 18, 2021 by Hamid Islam


Brave Browser, Yes, my first choice after Google Chrome is this Brave Browser.¬†You don’t have to wash your hands with any function of Google Chrome. Secondly, you will get many additional features.¬†They have been marketing themselves as security and privacy browsers from the beginning and have never agreed to consider themselves as commercial products.

Although the browser is slightly more advanced than Stock Chrome in terms of privacy, the browser has been promoting its own cryptocurrency (BAT) from the beginning, which is Brave Browser’s own currency.¬†Moreover, Brave Browser has its own program where users can earn this cryptocurrency through referrals.


But this time it is known that Brave Browser is injecting its own referral link to a different cryptocurrency site. Suppose you have entered the official website of Coinbase organically, Brave Browser will automatically add their own referral link to the address bar.

The issue first came to Twitter when a user named ry Cryptonator1337 noticed that when he entered the “” address in the browser’s address, the web browser automatically added a referral link to the end of the address.¬†And by adding this referral link, Brave Browser can earn up to 20% commission.

Not only this website but also Brave Browser is automatically injecting its own referral link for different cryptocurrency trading websites.

The CEO and co-founder of Brave Browser tweeted that he did not see any harm in injecting the referral link. It will be turned off by default from the next stable release.

There is nothing wrong with earning from referral links. Brave Browser is not sending users to those sites by itself, users are using these organic traffic as their referrals by hijacking Brave Browser when they visit those sites organically. So what is the best option for privacy? The answer is no!

If you want to get real privacy and security, you can use different Chromium browsers or you have Firefox!