Last Updated on November 22, 2021 by Hamid Islam


For those who use Android phones and unlimited internet, one of the favorite features of Google is the free unlimited photo storage of Google Photos where there is unlimited storage for every Google account holder, where they can upload any image they want.¬†We use almost all of Google’s services, each of which has thousands of images uploaded to Google Photos from where we can access our backed up images from any device at any time.¬†Although the resolution of the backed up images is slightly reduced, it is a feature that is very popular with almost all smartphone users as it is completely free and truly unlimited storage.

However, as the title implies, Google will no longer offer this free storage to users. After so many years, Google has decided that the unlimited free backup option of Google Photos will be discontinued from June next year. From June 2021, if you want to backup any image of your phone or any of your devices in Google Photos, you will not get any free unlimited storage for your images. Instead, these images will be saved in the free 15 GB storage that you get in your Google Drive. Once this free space is finished by backing up photos, you will no longer be able to back up any new images for free.


But you are very lucky, if you are a Google Pixel phone user. Because, this restriction of Google is not for Pixel users. If you have a Pixel phone from Google Pixel 1 to Pixel 5, you will get unlimited storage (reduced file size) in Google Photos as always. So the idea is that next year the Google Pixel phone cell may break the cell record of the last few years.

However, this limit does not apply to images or videos that are already backed up. You will always be able to access the media you have already backed up for free. However, from June next year, you will not be able to backup any new images for free. However, to make it easier to manage your already backed up images, Google will release a small tool next year that will allow users to find and delete blurry images, dark images and oversized images from their uploaded images.

One more thing to know, is that this restriction is not just for Google Photos. From next June, the Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides that you have created will be limited to your free 15 GB storage on Google Drive. Users will not get any more free storage for these.

Google Photos already has more than 4 trillion images, and more than 26 billion new photos and videos are backed up every week.¬†If you think objectively from Google’s business perspective, this is a very good decision for Google.¬†Because, at the end of the day, Google is not a charity and Google also needs profit.¬†So if more users buy Google’s paid plan or Google Pixel phone if they stop free storage of Google Photos, then this is more profitable for them!¬†Anyway, now the question is,

What to do now?

Honestly, if we talk about free storage, then Google Photos has never been an alternative, not yet and probably will not be in the future. You may find many more photo backup services, but none of them offer truly unlimited and so simple and powerful photo management platforms like Google Photos. Not only photo backup, but also Google Photos as a photo management platform was the perfect solution. But if you want to satisfy the taste of milk, all you can do is,

1.¬†You can use Flickr.¬†Here you can backup photos for free.¬†Even a few years ago, Flickr offered 1 terabyte of free storage to all users, which is fairly enough to back up all the images of an average smartphone user.¬†But sadly, this free 1 terabyte offer is no more.¬†You can now back up up to 1000 images here.¬†If you think a limit of 1000 images is enough for you, you can back up your images here.¬†But I think if 1000 images are enough for you, then you don’t need any photo backup service.¬†You can backup images to your hard drive!



2.¬†You can use Yandex Disk.¬†It is also a popular free photo backup service.¬†Here you can back up all the pictures taken on your smartphone to the original quality and original size and access and download from any device.¬†Here too you can backup unlimited photos.¬†You don’t have to worry about the size of the image and how many images you have backed up.

Like Google Photos, here you will find Truly Unlimited Storage.¬†It also has native Android apps like Google Photos, which will automatically back up all the pictures in your camera roll.¬†However, its download and upload speed is much slower than Google Photos.¬†Moreover, Image Organization is not as smart or intelligent as Google.¬†Moreover it is a Russian company.¬†Although it doesn’t matter to me personally, if you are very concerned about privacy and for some reason feel hesitant to use a Russian product, then this is not for you.