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Another major advantage of creating a site in WordPress is that you can migrate your WordPress site from one hosting provider to another without any extra hassle, which means you can copy exactly. Maybe you are currently on a shared hosting plan and now want to move to Digital Ocean, Google Cloud or Amazon Cloud, then this tutorial may prove to be quite useful for you.



And Yes, you must have the latest WordPress installation on the new hosting before starting this tutorial . That is where you will move your old or existing site. This tutorial teaches how to migrate WordPress sites using a free WordPress plugin Рmuch easier than creating a backup from the hosting panel and moving to another hosting!


Download the WP Migration Plugin


Login to your previous WordPress site and¬†click on¬†‚Äú¬†Add Plugins¬†‚Ä̬†from the admin panel¬†and download the¬†All-in-One WP Migration¬†– Plugin.


Export your website



Once the plugin is downloaded, activate it, then you will see the All-in-One WP Migration plugin option in the WordPress admin panel sidebar.¬†If you want to transfer your site from the dashboard of All-in-One WP Migration Plugin with the same domain, you don’t have to do anything,¬†just click on¬†Export To> File¬†.

But if the current site domain and the new site domain are different then you have to enter your current domain name in Find field and your new domain name in Replace with field and click on ADD button, then click Export To> File to export the site. Done!

After a while a full backup of your existing site will be created and you just need to download it to your computer.

Please import the website


Now login to the new WordPress site, which is installed in the cloud or on a separate hosting. And yes, if you want to keep the domain of the previous site and the current site the same, then you must park your domain on the new WordPress site after exporting your website. Then login to the new WordPress installation, download the All-in-One WP Migration plugin here too.

Then, click on the Import option of All-in-One WP Migration . Now click on Import From> File to show the backup file downloaded from your computer a while ago! By the way, your site will be auto migrated. Exact copies of the previous site will be made on a separate site or your hosting will be migrated.

Note: The free All-in-One WP Migration plugin can only upload backups up to 40 MB in size, if your site is larger than that, then you need to buy the pro version. But no need to worry, I will teach you in the following steps how to upload unlimited size backups!

Upload Limit Trick

Previously the free version of the All-in-One WP Migration plugin had a limit of 512 MB, but now it has been further reduced to 40 MB.¬†Which is absolutely low.¬†So you have to hack the plugin limit, otherwise you have to buy the pro version with money.¬†Since it’s much easier to bypass the limit, and you can do it yourself, I don’t see any reason to buy with money.

And yes, this limitation hacking method does not work with the latest version of this plugin.¬†You need to install version 6.77 or later.¬†Version 6.77 of the All-in-One WP Migration plugin –¬†can be¬†downloaded from¬†here.

Activate the plugin



After downloading the plugin from the link above, you need to go to the Add New plugin from the WordPress dashboard and upload the downloaded plugin. And yes, of course the latest plugin should not be there, if you have already installed it, you must uninstall it first. Then you need to activate the downloaded plugin!


Open Plugin Editor


Now you need to enter the Plugin Editor from the Plugins section of the WordPress Dashboard.


Please select a plugin


At the top right hand side of the Plugin Editor page you will see the option to select the plugin, there select the All-in-One WP Migration plugin!

Open the constants.php file


Once the All-in-One WP Migration plugin is selected, you will see a file called constants.php from the right sidebar, click there!

Edit the constants.php file


Scroll down to constants.php file editor and move to line 284, then you will see 2 << 28 text in Max File Size section, which you have to edit to 2 << 33.

// =================
// = Max File Size =
// =================
define( ‚ÄėAI1WM_MAX_FILE_SIZE‚Äô, 2 << 33 );



Then, scroll down and click the Update File button to save the modified code.



If all goes well, then¬†Maximum upload file size 16GB¬†will be displayed!¬†You can now upload as many files as you want, and you don’t have to be limited to 40 megabytes!

And yes, migrating the site in this way will copy your site exactly, so no settings or SEO will change anything. If you change the domain, you will need to show the new domain from Google Webmaster Tools. Any questions then contact with me.