Last Updated on March 5, 2022 by Hamid Islam


Many people get into the habit of laughing or trolling the browser when they hear the name Microsoft Edge browser, as we all do more or less with Internet Explorer. Yes, when Windows 10 was released, the Microsoft Edge browser was so slow and unstable that it would be wise to use any browser other than the Edge browser. At that time, the only function of Microsoft Edge browser was to download Google Chrome, which means that everyone used Edge browser for this purpose. After downloading Google Chrome or Firefox, users never forget to open the Edge browser.

However, now is not the time.¬†Microsoft itself has misunderstood them and taken action accordingly.¬†So far, almost all Windows users have come to know that Microsoft has eliminated its Blink engine last year and built a new Microsoft Edge on top of Google’s Chromium engine.¬†There are already many more popular web browsers powered by the Chromium engine.¬†Such as Brave Browser and Opera Browser.¬†Why not use Google Chrome itself as well as another of these popular browsers or you will use another Chromium browser made by them relying on Microsoft?¬†Why would you want to replace Google Chrome with the new Edge browser?


Minimal design

I don’t know about you, but the big thing about choosing a browser is its user interface.¬†I think everyone likes a nice user interface browser.¬†Many people are willing to compromise with some small features for a nice user interface.¬†I think this is true for most users.¬†If you’re as picky about the user interface as I am, I’d say that’s one of the reasons you should switch to the new Microsoft Edge browser.


The user interface of Google Chrome is by no means bad or backdated, but many of you will agree that the user interface of Microsoft Edge Chromium is much more modern and minimal than that of Google Chrome.¬†I like the layout of Microsoft Edge’s right click context menu the best.¬†Also Microsoft Edge’s native dark mode is very nice.¬†From the browser window to the context menu inside the browser, the settings menu, the new tab page, the style of the buttons, everything is compatible with the fluent design language of Windows 10, which gives the browser a more modern look than almost all other browsers in Windows 10.

 Extension support

When Microsoft Edge Browser first rolled out with the initial release of Windows 10, Edge Browser did not have any extension support. As a result, Internet users who are dependent on extensions, even if they wanted to, could not think of using the Edge browser primarily. Although Microsoft AJ extension support was added with the help of Windows update a few days later, installing extensions from Microsoft Store was a very troublesome task. There were only a handful of extensions, which was not enough for any user.


However, since the new Microsoft Edge browser is built on the Chromium engine,¬†all the extensions of Google Chrome are¬†supported in the Microsoft Edge browser.¬†And no extra dependency or any kind of extra settings are needed to support the extension.¬†Like other Chromium browsers, go to the Chrome Web Store, search for the extension of your choice and click Add To Chrome, then the extension will be added to Microsoft AJ.¬†And since Chromium Engine is a browser, the extension will perform just like Google Chrome.¬†And since Microsoft Edge’s RAM management is better, many extensions work better than Chrome.

Privacy Protection Features

As we all know, Google Chrome does not have much reputation for protecting user privacy.¬†Google itself collects data at every step of the user while browsing the Internet.¬†However, we are not talking about this privacy here.¬†This is about privacy protection for third party websites.¬†Many of us use Brave Browser as our primary browser because some of the extra privacy protection features are built-in to Brave Browser.¬†If you’ve been a Brave browser user, you’ll be glad to know that Microsoft AJ also has some built-in privacy protection features that Google Chrome and many other Chromium browsers don’t have.


When using the Internet in the Microsoft Edge browser, you’ll find three levels of privacy protection options by default, which you can set to your liking.¬†If these settings are enabled, the browser will disable all third party trackers of the website when visiting any website, as Brave Browser does.¬†You can disable the tracker at these three levels – Basic, Balanced and Strict.¬†Microsoft Edge will provide some protection from almost all types of harmful web content, not just trackers, but Windows Defender integration.¬†While the same functionality can be found using many browser extensions, having a built-in is definitely a good thing.

Outside the Google ecosystem

This may seem like a downside to Microsoft Edge to many, but it’s a good thing for many.¬†What you think will depend on how much you are a privacy sensitive person.¬†Google Chrome tracks every online activity of the user in the browser, for the purpose of targeting ads.¬†What websites are you visiting, what products are you clicking on, all these things are tracked by Google for information about you.¬†This makes it easier for Google to show targeted ads on your Android phone.¬†However, since the Edge browser is not a product of Google, Google will not be able to do it in the Edge browser as it is not from Google, but¬†from within the¬†Microsoft¬†ecosystem¬†.

But the matter is a little complicated.¬†Edge Browser is again a product of tech giant Microsoft.¬†So if you use Edge Browser, even if Google can’t track your browsing behavior, Microsoft can.¬†Maybe Microsoft is tracking your data.¬†But it doesn’t matter to most of our users.¬†Because we don’t use Microsoft’s products as much as we use Google’s products.¬†So if you use Microsoft Edge browser, you may not see ads on our phone according to our browsing behavior on the desktop.¬†But there is no guarantee that it will not be seen.¬†So it‚Äôs a little confusing situation.¬†But yes, if for some reason you don’t like Google’s data mining system, you can use Microsoft Edge.

High quality Netflix content

What many of you may not know is that if you stream any content from Netflix to Google Chrome and all other browsers, no matter how good your internet speed is, you will never¬†be able to stream video at¬†720p¬†resolution¬†.¬†I don’t know why, or why all browsers have such restrictions.¬†However, with just one browser on Windows, you can stream Netflix content from 1080p to 4K Ultra HD resolution.


That’s right, Microsoft Edge.¬†I don’t know why Microsoft Edge Browser is allowed to stream Netflix content with 4K resolution but no other browser.¬†If you want, you can test it using Netflix’s official resolution testing system.¬†However, if you have a lot more Netflix watchers and are in the habit of watching on the desktop, then Microsoft Edge will be the best choice for you.

Performance and other features

In the initial release, the Edge browser was actually slower than other mainstream browsers when the Microsoft Edge browser used Microsoft’s Blink engine.¬†However, due to the use of the Chromium engine, the Microsoft Edge browser now performs exactly like Chrome in terms of speed.¬†If you use Chrome and Edge side by side, you will not find any difference in speed between the two browsers.¬†Not only will you get more speed from Chrome, but you will definitely not get less speed from Chrome as it is an optimized browser of the same engine.¬†But you can get better speed from Opera and some other Chromium browsers.

In addition, Microsoft Edge uses much less¬†RAM¬†than Google Chrome¬†and RAM management is also quite good.¬†So the ability to handle multiple tabs is much better for Microsoft Edge than Google Chrome.¬†And Microsoft Edge’s Devtools is just like Google Chrome.¬†In other words, Microsoft Edge is a slightly better optimized browser than the overall Chrome.


Microsoft EDGE also has some extra edge-specific features that you won’t find built-in to other browsers. For example, Sidebar Tab Manager or Tab Collection, which can be obtained by using third party extensions like Toby in other browsers.¬†Built-in full page screenshot tool, which¬†I don’t know of in any other browser except¬†Firefox and¬†Opera¬†.¬†There’s also the Read Aloud tool, which lets you read content on any webpage speaker.¬†And there are many smaller features, including Family Safety, Android integration, which are not available in Google Chrome and many other browsers.¬†And it’s easy to switch from other Chromium browsers or Chrome to Microsoft EDGE. You can easily import all your data from your primary browser to Edge browser during setup.

These were some of the features of Microsoft Edge, which is why many more Google Chrome users, including me, are using Microsoft Edge browser as the primary web browser this year.¬†You can use any web browser you want, it’s a matter of personal preference.¬†Which is your primary browser and why are you using it excluding other browsers?¬†You can let us know in the comments section!