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I believe that you must have bought a memory or SD card at some point. Maybe you bought it for your camera and sometimes for your smartphone.¬†But you may often find yourself in a dilemma while buying a memory card.¬†Because the price of the same card may be from 10USD to 50USD. In today’s post, I will explain why this price difference occurs and which card will be the best for your device.



Memory card sizes and different classes

See what we know as SD card or Micro SD is generally available in 3 sizes.¬†One is a full-size large SD card. One is a small SD card, which we use in our smartphone and another is a mini SD card which we used 2-3 years ago. Now, these cards come in three categories. One is ‚ÄúSD‚ÄĚ one is ‚ÄúSDHC‚ÄĚ and another is ‚ÄúSDXC‚ÄĚ. A normal memory card which we call micro sd is usually up to 4 GB.¬†Micro SD above 4 GB was not possible.¬†So a new technology was introduced, named SD HC.¬†In the full sense, it is called SD High-Capacity. Now with this SDHC technology, it was possible to make cards from 4 GB to 32 GB. But after 32 GB, when we needed to make bigger cards, a new technology emerged.¬†That is SDXC. With Micro SDXC we can currently make memory cards from 32 GB up to 2 TB.¬†Although the 2 TB card is not available yet.

So that was all about their different categories according to size.¬†But to know which card will be best for you, you also need to know about its speed category.¬†In terms of speed, memory cards are divided into 6 categories.¬†They are Class 2, Class 4, Class 6, Class 10, UHS 1 and UHS 3 respectively.¬†Now let’s discuss these lightly.¬†SD card is numbered by rounding its class speed rate.¬†The higher the card speed rating, the faster the card can write files.¬†For example a class 6 card can support 6 megabytes per second speed, if you put any files on it.¬†Thus Class 10 memory cards can support 10 megabytes per second speed.¬†But a UHS standard card which we call Ultra High Speed ‚Äč‚Äčwhich has UHS 1 and UHS 3 can go up to 320 megabits per second.

Which memory card is right for you?

Choosing a memory card depends entirely on your usage.¬†Here I will suggest buying different cards according to different uses.¬†Hope I can meet your needs.¬†Now let’s discuss which card you should buy and which one you don’t need to buy.¬†See if you want to use a card just to store data.¬†For example to store movies, songs or photos.¬†But you can buy any card from class 4 and above.¬†You will have no problem with it.¬†I would say go for class 4 card to store data and store movies or songs on it playing it will not be a problem at all.¬†And you can get a lot more storage for storing data at a much lower cost.

Now if you want to do HD recording on your phone and save that recording to the card then in my opinion you should buy at least a class 6 memory card. If you are recording HD on a Class 4 card, your card may not support the saving speed of your video recording. As a result many frames may be missed from being saved while recording. As a result, the video may get stuck during playback, or the video and sound may skip ahead. Sometimes many people have such problems. So I would say minimum class 6 card should be used for HD quality video recording.

Now if you want to do 4K video recording and if you want to capture photos at the same time then as per my advice you should buy at least one UHS1 memory card. If you want to record 4K video with Class 10 or Class 6, it will not be good and later you will say that your phone does not record good 4K video. In fact, there is no problem with your phone. Rather, not having a UHS card can cause recording problems.

Same rules here if you want to use SD card in smartphone as well as camera.¬†If you want to capture simple images with your DSLR or your regular digital camera, you can use a Class 6 or Class 10 SD card.¬†But if you plan on shooting RAW images or recording 4K video, at least a UHS 1 card is essential.¬†UHS 3 is best if you can afford it.¬†Also your camera won’t record good video and won’t capture more frames.

Many people move all the apps on their phone to the memory card.¬†In this case, having at least a class 10 memory card is very important.¬†Because if you move the data of your apps to the SD card but the speed of your card is slow, then the app will take a lot of loading time while running and the app may hang.¬†And later you blame your phone and say that this game doesn’t play on my phone, keeps crashing etc.¬†But it’s not your phone’s problem at all.¬†This means the speed of the memory card you used is very low.

last word

By now you must know which memory card is right for you.¬†Now imagine that you are not only storing data but also recording HD video and recording 4K video.¬†And choose your card accordingly.¬†See, there’s no need to buy a Class 10 or UHS standard SD card unless necessary. It will waste your money.¬†Hope you will benefit a lot from today’s post and make the right decision while buying SD card.