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Although this question is not a valid one in itself (you will understand at the end of the article, why I am saying this), there are still many questions on social media or inbox to me.¬†I understand the meaning of your question, brother, such a question was on my mind a decade ago.¬†I thought the internet was coming from a specific source, and that’s weird!

But in fact this concept is much easier!¬†Believe me, I don’t have to spend a thousand words to explain it like other articles.¬†But let’s start with the main points of the article as well as some more bonus points, so let’s get started.


Where is the source of internet?

The answer is quite simple, again the whole thing is not so simple. You see, to be honest, there is no specific source on the Internet. Wondering what to do next, right? РI discussed earlier in an article why it is not possible to destroy the Internet . РIn that article, I explained in a unique way, how the whole internet system is actually made up!

You can go and read the previous article, because there is a lot of interesting information, but for the sake of this article, I am mentioning the matter again.

Suppose you have 3-4 devices in your home that are connected to each other using a local network. This means you can transfer any data or any file from one device to another through the local network.

Now suppose your neighbor friend wants to connect to your local network and download some files from your computer or exchange some data.¬†Again you want to transfer any file from a friend’s computer in the same way.¬†What to do then?

So now you need to connect your local network and your friend’s local network together via wireless or using it, right?¬†That’s how many of your friends want to exchange files with each other, all of them have to be connected to the local network or wireless, right?

Now think of this same thing over your whole neighborhood, then think of your whole police station, slowly think of it as your department level, then think of another network connected to a network that covers your entire country.¬†Here everyone is connected to the local network and a huge network is created, where everyone’s devices are connected together.¬†So what do you understand?¬†Yes, this is the Internet, this is your country’s own Internet!¬†In this way, different countries of the world share their networks with different countries.¬†And as a result of which the real global internet system is created!

So there is no authority for this thing or no one is controlling anything, nor is there any specific source for it! You are using the internet, so you are also a source of internet. Now that you have web server software installed on your PC, you can provide content to the world. There is no such thing as the father of the internet, that if he lifts his hand from his head, the internet will disappear overnight!

So you understand, you are a source yourself! Many of those who are reading this article may be using torrents . You must know that many users can download many files directly from your PC via torrent. So here you are also a source, clear?

Where is the origin of internet data?

Now a lot of people ask me, we are constantly spending on the data packs we buy, so where does this data come from and where is the data spent again – or where?

The bottom line is that you don’t spend any data on the Internet, and data is not generated anywhere.¬†Not at all as it seems in general terms, then you say, what is the remaining data balance that is shown when you dial a certain code from the phone?

The amount of data displayed in your SIM data account is just a limit, which means you can consume a total amount of bandwidth . Your phone has a data balance of 1 GB, which means that you did not have to deposit 1 GB from somewhere, it just means that you can transfer 1 GB of data.

The Internet is a mass of computers, as I explained above, to learn more –¬†What is the Internet?¬†How does it work?¬†– Read this article.¬†Suppose you have 3 phones, 2 laptops and 1 PC connected to the router in your house, did you know that by connecting these devices together you have created your own small personal internet?¬†Although it is not called direct internet but¬†local area network¬†.¬†In fact, there is no difference between this local area network and the Internet, the basics are all the same!

You must be using Shareit to share data / songs / pictures from one phone to another, right? Did you know that this is how the Internet works? So where is this data coming from? These are actually the files stored on another computer that you want on your device. And the Internet works just to get these files from the server to your device!

Now those who put you with internet connection take some money from you to pass this data, they don’t have this data, they just set the limit and how much data you can transfer.¬†Any file that can be, just move from one server to your phone or any computer will be calculated.

So now you clearly understand, where is the source of the Internet? Or how do the data packs you buy on your phone actually work? РI hope I can explain things as easily as I promised. If you have any more questions, the comment section below is always open!